Yup, Still Here! (Just taking a break)

My son Pete is home from Alaska (Actually, his home is Alaska, he is visiting his old home, our home) for a long weekend and he mentioned it has been awhile since I’ve written a post. I knew it had been awhile, and I’d been meaning to write something but hadn’t got around to it. It has been quite a busy summer and I’ve been doing some preaching and writing in other venues so my creative juices haven’t made it to the website. The only reason I’m writing now is because I’m procrastinating writing my final paper for my Pastoral Care class. But I’ve got lots of time, it’s not due until Monday.

I’ve decided to give myself a break from writing regular posts this summer. I may or may not get around to it, but nothing structured. My goal is to kick-off the fall with something new. I’ve got a few ideas and there has been some changes in my work this summer that I want to share later on.

Well, I’ve got to get at it. Time to finish that Pastoral Care paper.

Take Care!