Wow! What a Week!

I thought that my final few weeks at the EPPD would be sitting back and winding down and relaxing. Not last week, it was anything but. You see we had an officer involved shooting. I can’t share any details since we are going though all of the necessary checks and balances, administrative reviews and incident investigations. But what I can say is that there were no significant injuries to our officers and that once again I couldn’t be prouder of the Eden Prairie Police Department and all of its members in how they handled this very serious situation. Enough said for now, it’s too soon to talk about the impacts of an event like this. But needless to say the fitness level of an organization and its members (physical, intellectual and emotional/spiritual ) has a huge impact on the outcome of these critical incidents.

Well, enough of why I didn’t post more this week. Here is where we are going next week. There were four articles in the Strib this week end that caught my eye, good platforms for spiritual fitness exercises. I’ll post some thoughts and ask a few questions throughout the week.

Saturday Faith and Values “Choosing My Religion

Sunday Source “How old is your body?

Sunday Twin Cities and Region “Coming home can be another struggle

Sunday Business/Wall Street Journal “Advice I’ll Pass Along to My Daughter” (I couldn’t link to this one for some reason)