WOW! It Has Been Awhile…

As I just visited “behind the curtain” of our PSMInc website, I gotta say I was amazed!  I honestly didn’t believe it’s been over three years since my last blog post. My main purpose for adding a post today was to announce that we’ve shifted to a new online giving platform managed by VANCO.  You can checkout our new system by clicking on the DONATE below, or over to your right if you are viewing this on a larger screen than your phone.

However… since it has been a long time since I’ve written here, I want to share a couple quick points.  First: In an effort to find a new work/life balance for our maturing staff  (that would be me as I’m aging in Body Mind and Soul) we’ve decided to start narrowing our scope of services and slowing down the pace of our activities.  Second: In the past our ministry of presence has primarily been a physical presence in public safety environments. In the future our presence will be primarily a written presence, through online and email formats. The content of these written messages, will focus on sharing ministry and faith lessons that I’ve learned over the years. And Third: We have stepped away from providing financially contracted, spiritual care services to public safety agencies and their employees. We will continue to provide individual care services to those agency employees, without cost. Those well established, faith based relationships will continue as long as the individuals want to continue connecting!

With that, I say thanks for taking the time to read this message, and thanks for your continued interest in our work! Expect to see more online activity like this message, as we commit to a new, more active online ministry of presence.

Talk to you soon! Dan