Words in the News

I’m constantly on the look out for stories, articles and titles that are relevant to “spiritual fitness” and its underlying foundation of “Body, Mind and Soul”. Today I hit pay dirt with the following title of an article in the StarTribune:

Faithfully minding body and soul

And the article’s subtitle:

Isanti County program combines exercise, faith and fellowship

and also the first sentence of the story:

Weekday fellowship is more than coffee and doughnuts at Cambridge Lutheran Church in Isanti County.

(sorry, I had to throw in the coffee and doughnut line. I can’t see the words without waiting for the follow-up cop joke)

The point being that we are all in tune with different words that we pay attention to. I’m not sure how common the “body, mind, soul” terminoligy was prior to my interest in it, but I know I see it a lot more now that I pay attention to it. That idea of “paying attention” is a big part of what I want this ministry to be. Recognizing that the health of our souls is dependent on the the kind of spirit that occupies it. And also the important balance it needs with the health of body and mind.

A “spiritual exercise for the next few days: Pay attention to the things you read and see and hear and take note when the words “body, mind, soul” pop up. And look for the words “spiritual fitness” and “spiritual defibrillation”. I’d be interested in hearing from you and your observations. If you are so inclined I’d love it if you’d contact me and let me know how you exercising went.