What a difference a week makes

Last Monday I woke up to a view of the marina at the hotel where we spent 5 days in Mexico.Mexico 1.jpg

Today I’m grooming the 6 fresh inches of snow on the dog track in my neighbors field.
dog track 4.jpg

As Cam and I celebrated our 25th year of marriage celebration we started with breakfast either overlooking the marina at the hotel or down at the beach..
Mexico 5.jpg Mexico 2.jpg

From there we headed to the beach or the pool where we rested, we talked, we read, we walked and just enjoyed each others company. It was very enjoyable and relaxing. But to tell you the truth I did look forward to getting home to see the kids and enjoy what has become a bit of traditional Minnesota winter.
Mexico 4.jpg Mexico 3.jpg

Today I got to spend some time on the 4-wheeler packing and dragging the trail. Tomorrow we’ll be able to get on the skis and sleds for the first time this year.
dog track 1.jpg dog track 3.jpg dog track 2.jpg

I think variety is the key to an enjoyable life. I’m still sorting out what my days are going to look like as I navigate this transition from full time police chief to second career public safety minister. But when I reflect on the options available out there, from the recreation opportunities shown above to the different callings we all have to serve others, I am excited about the journey.