Welcome…..sort of…..pretty soon….

If you are reading this you’ve obviously found our new website. I’ve wrestled with when to go live with this site. I’ve been working on drafts of postings and pages and links and some other stuff, but my patience is growing thin and I wanted to spend some “time on the water” so to speak. (If you want to know what “time on the water” means, click on it and you’ll go to definitions where you can look it up). So I’m jumping in and playing with it. I’m retiring in January of 2007 and that’s when this becomes my full time gig. But for now I’m fitting it in between the chief, husband, dad, dog handler gigs.

If you do find your way here and you want to know something about this adventure that isn’t here, feel free to “contact me” and I promise I’ll get back to you. Stay tuned…..