Well, it’s 10:06 am Tuesday morning and I’m at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Excelsior. I’m sitting at the desk in the back conference room with another guy who’s doing some work on his computer. If I sit at the far right side of the desk I have a view of Lake Minnetonka. This place has become my second office, my third if you count my work space at home. One of these days I’m gonna share the details of my “world headquarters” office at 216 Water Street in Excelsior, my “XO” (Excelsior Office), my primary work space.

I spent last week in St. Cloud at the annual Minnesota Chiefs of Police Conference, I spent yesterday meeting with an author and a fire chief and catching up on a few things, I spent this morning with APFOM, and now I’m trying to figure out what to write in this post since I haven’t written in a few days.  As you can see I’ve decided just to put down whatever pops into my head and makes its way to the keyboard.  Writing spontaneously is very therapeutic to me, a form of spiritual and intellectual exercise.  Being around people, hearing and telling stories cranks me up and afterwards I need to defibrillate and slow down.  Purging my thoughts helps me do that.

Several projects for the ministry have developed over the past few months and  I will be sharing them in the near future, but I need to put them in some order first to do them justice.  For now I just thought I’d check in and do a bit of mind / soul wandering.