Two Special Times: Morning and Evening

I thought I’d share a few words from John Wesley this morning. The message is from “A Guide to Prayer for All God’s People”

Be serious and frequent in the examination of your heart and life…..Every evening review your carriage through the day; what you have done or thought that was unbecoming your character; whether your heart has been instant on religion and indifferent to the world? Have a special care of two portions of time, namely morning and evening; the morning to forethink what you have to do, and the evening to examine whether you have done what you ought.

Let every action have reference to your whole life, and not to a part only. Let all your subordinate ends be suitable to the great end of your living. Exercise yourself unto godliness.

Have a great day before the 4th, and have a safe holiday tomorrow, especially those who will be spending the day protecting so that the rest of us can enjoy our freedoms.