“…to do it right.”

I got a text from a friend yesterday morning.  It was an update on a friend of his who had just passed away.  He had been walking with his friend through his illness and impending death.  I felt a wave of sadness as the text led with the notice of the death.  But the short text concluded with Confident on his eternity. Diagnosed 4 years ago, he took the time to do it right :-)”.  The text made me smile, and left me with a real sense of peace.  A peace for my friend and for his friend as well.

So often we are faced with the anxiety, stress and worry of the challenges of daily life.  In those times I wonder what would happen if we paused and took the time to ask ourselves: “Am I doing it right?”  Things can get pretty complicated when digging into the question of “doing it right”.  But that’s not the real question we should be asking.  As the simple text states, it’s not about doing it right, it’s about taking the time.  If we look back on life to when we took the time, we’d see that we were probably at our best, doing life right!

Take Care, Pr. Dan