Tis the season to be …

Yes, the holidays are upon us. Tis the season to be … “told what to do.” There are a lot of people out there with a lot of advice on how to best experience the holidays. And since I am venturing down the road of this message, I can be counted among them. You may have noticed I used the word “experience” the holidays rather than enjoy, survive, celebrate, endure and so on. It really depends on your circumstances and your expectations as to which advise you may choose to follow.

So just to be clear, I’ll remind you that unless noted differently, my perspective is focused on promoting spiritual health and fitness. I sort through the abundance of opinions out there looking for what I believe is good for the soul. I found a nice commentary in the Strib on Saturday that stuck with me for a few days, so I refer back to it today. I connected with “Slow down; you move to fast” by Lisa Valentine, in several ways. As I read the title I figured this would be another nice message about slowing down the fast pace of our lives. It was, but it was more than that. It took on the practice of multitasking and suggested the alternative of “rapt attention”. Although the message is directed at parenting, it is applicable to whatever your situation may be.

Rapt (deeply engrossed or absorbed) attention is something that discourages multitasking, the skill that most of us are required to perform if we are to succeed in the lives most of us live. But just as multitasking speeds us up, rapt attention can slow us down. And slowing down is most often a healthy exercise for the soul. So take some time this holiday season and give whatever it is that you are doing some “rapt attention”, especially when it involves spending time with those you love, those whose time you enjoy and those who feed you the good stuff for your soul.

Take Care!