The Right Question

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a dedicated public servant, more specifically a dedicated “public safety” public servant. Greg Orth, retired police chief / public safety director for the city of Woodbury and current county commissioner tragically died in an accidental fall last week. At 60 years old, he died way too young. The funeral was a wonderful celebration of a man dedicated to the mission “To Protect and Serve”. I did not personally know Chief Orth, I only knew of his dedicated service, and yesterday I learned a little about his personal life.

The message I want to give you today is the gift I received from the homily Father William Martin gave yesterday. He said “Don’t ask why Greg died, because that’s a question no one can answer.” But he followed with the question: “Let’s ask, ‘Why did he live?’ Now there is a question we can answer!” And then came the stories of a man who lived, who lived a life of service, who lived a life protecting.

So today, don’t spend a lot of time asking questions that cannot be answered, at least not here on earth. Instead ask yourself how you can live, how to live a life of service and care and kindness. Ask yourself “Why do you live?”

Take Care!