The Perspective Cancer Brings

I’m up early this morning getting ready to drive to Camp Ripley.  I’m scheduled to give a short lunch presentation to the annual Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association Leadership Academy.  I’ll be talking about the continuing efforts of the Governor’s “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” military reintegration project that I’ve been a part of for almost two years now.  It is a project that has a foundation in providing care and support to our returning military service personnel and their families.

However, this morning’s post is not about the BYR project (that will come later), it is about care and support of our peers in the law enforcement professions who are battling cancer.  Just as cancer spreads throughout a body, the impacts of cancer spread just as wide throughout our profession.  There are two cops whose battles with cancer were just recently brought to my attention.  As I looked a little deeper, there are many more people in the profession who are impacted through family and friends fighting the fight.  And my deepest prayers go out to them all.

But here is my prayer to all of you blessed with good health.  Give thanks for the blessings of life you receive each and every day.  Life, and this present moment and sacred gifts to be cherished.  And with that gift of life, cherish the opportunity you have to care for and serve others.  The strength you have and share with others is what keeps our professions and our professionals strong.

Take Care