The Importance of “Checkin In”

The mission of Public Safety Ministries Inc. is “Promoting Spiritual Fitness in the Public Safety Professions”. The fundamental tactic used, simply stated is “Just Showin Up”.  It is becoming more and more frequent for me to get a call from someone and the message contains the comment “No need to call right back, I was just “checkin in”.  I was talking to a friend once who was dealing with some very challenging issues.  I asked if there was anything I could do to help?  His response was simple but yet so powerful.. Without hesitataion he responded “Yeah, check in on me when you can.”  Though the practice of “checkin in” isn’t complicated, but like so many things in life, it isn’t always easy.  But it is the one thing that I am trying to get good at.  That’s what I Iove about the the simply stated strategy of traditional chaplaincy ministries, they are “ministries of presence”.

The nice thing about the act of “checkin in” is that its never to late or never inappropriate or never unappreciated.  So here’s the gift I ask everyone out there to consider giving.  Give the gift of checkin in with someone who needs it.  You know who they are, because you think about doing it from time to time but never get around to it (just like me with checkin in and making a post at this site!).  It’s not complicated, just pick up the phone, leave a message, drop a note in the mail, send an e-mail, stop by the local bookstore or auto repair shop and ask how business is, just do some “checkin in”

Take Care, Dan