The Great American Think-Off

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy? That was the question for my first The Great American Think-Off back in 1998. Here’s a little historical perspective:

1998: “Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?” A record year, the 1998 Think-Off received over 820 essays, and the final debate was broadcast live on C-SPAN. As the country grappled with the spectacle in the White House, the Think-Off audience and the C-SPAN viewing audience, agreed with a soft-spoken priest from New York–honesty is not always the best choice.

I also submitted an essay in 1999 addressing the question Which is More Dangerous — Science or Religion? I didn’t win either contest, didn’t even make it to the final four which includes and all expense paid trip to New York (Mills Minnesota). Rob Reynolds, my successor as Police Chief in Eden Prairie first enlightened me about the contest…even bought me a mug with contest logo:

Great American Think-Off

This year the question is Which Should You Trust More, Your Head or Your Heart? A great question that hits at the very heart of the Public Safety Ministries Mission – Promoting Spiritual Fitness. We want to put the Spirit (or heart) on the same level of importance in life as the Mind (or head).

The neat thing about this contest is that it is an either/or question. If you had to pick one, what would it be?

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