Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! A Retirement Party

I am still humbled and amazed by the the attendance and kind words that were shared at my EPPD retirement party last night. I had the opportunity to share stories, memories, plans for the future and a lot of laughs last night. I was blessed by the presence of friends, family, co-workers, community members, retired colleagues in both the police and fire service.

I need to beg forgiveness for not taking the time last night to publicly acknowledge the hard work by my Administrative Assistant, Tracey Schowalter and our Projects Coordinator Sonja Ritchie-Roy,who put on the event! The event is exactly what I had hoped for!
Retire Party 1.jpgRetire Party 12.jpg

Retire Party 9.jpgRetire Party 11.jpgRetire Party 10.jpg
EPPD Captain Mike Bosacker was the MC, and we heard messages from City Manager Scott Neal and Mayor Phil Young and several others.

Retire Party 6.jpgRetire Party 4.jpgRetire Party 7.jpg
Kind and humorous words were shared by my friends and colleagues.

Retire Party 5.jpgRetire Party 3.jpg
Father Tim Power closed the program with a great story and some wonderful words of inspiration

Retire Party 2.jpg
A great gift of my 5 badges from over the past 25 years.

Thanks for the great evening, it is one I will never forget!