Stories of Inspiration – A Definition

As I posted a couple of days ago, I just attended a mens two day retreat through my church. The thing I like most about the retreat is the stories, and how these stories inspire me. Before I share some of these stories, I though I should explain how important the idea of storytelling is going to be to this website.

You will find as you visit this site, many of the stories I tell will be about me, about my family, about my friends and about those whose stories I hear and want to retell. There is a great quote (which I don’t have with me right now) in a book (that I can’t recall the exact title right now) by Frederich Buechner on the subject of telling our own stories. (I’ll post the specifics in a future post when I locate the book). But basically he writes about why he tells his story. It is not because his story is so important to the reader, but that it stimulates the reader to reflect on what their own personal story would be in the given situation.

So look to this site for stories, some may fit you, some may not. But most have had an impact on me and I hope you’ll fine something that can help you on your journey to spiritual fitness. Look for several good ones that I picked up this past weekend at the retreat.