Something I Believe…

I have been working on a Faithful Living 101 post titled “This I believe” for several days now. (FYI, I am and I will be, practicing the behaviors / exercises involved in FL:101 as I write and talk about them along with you, if you choose to do so.)  Even though the thoughts in my head of what I believe are very clear, transferring them into words to write and speak can be a longer process.  So instead of the “big” belief statement, I’m gonna give you a smaller one just so that we can keep in touch. (because I also believe its the smaller things that we actually do that make the biggest impacts on our lives.)

So, here is something I believe: I truly and absolutely believe… we all… must… take time… in life for some “V and R” That’s Vacation and Recreation.  It’s critical that we deliberately and intentionally take the time to vacate and to recreate (or re-create)  our lives from time to time. It’s a good way to get some rest and relaxation (R and R).  As an example,  here’s a sunset picture from the plane as we recently left Florida after four sunny days of temps in the 70s and 80s (and one cloudy day in the 40s!).  We were successful in getting an abundance of restful time that led to plenty of relaxing.  And I also truly believe, a rested and relaxed body, makes for a healthy and relaxed mind and soul as well.

With Care, Pr. Dan