So Much to Do…..So Much Time…..

Yes I know, that’s not how the saying goes but that’s how I feel right now. I figure I spent 25 years in my first career so I’ll probably do the same with my next. I really don’t ever see myself not working, maybe not employed, but not, not working. So when I start looking at where this ministry is going, things I’d like to do and accomplish, it is from a time perspective of the rest of my life. Thus, lots of stuff to do and lots of time to get it done.

Now my dilemma, parring it down and figuring out what to do first. Well, keeping this website active and keeping a relationship open with you folks, yes if you are reading this we have a relationship of sorts (or so I’m told). After being off line for a couple of weeks, coming back to my “to do” lists has caused me to try and bring some order to this time of transition.

First things first, next week is the annual Minnesota Chiefs of Police annual ETI – Executive Training Institute. I have some Chaplain responsibilities at the event and am looking forward to seeing many of my old peers. Next I have to review and compile the lessons learned at the Retirement Academy I had the opportunity to facilitate last month. It was a great event and with a few modifications I think it will be even better. Doc Geiger and I are looking forward to doing more work together on the “Retirement Academy” project in the future. Then there is the “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Task Force” that I am on as a representative of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association. This is turning out to be a very significant and worthwhile project for the ministry. I’ll be sharing more in the future. Then there is my own personal professional development. This is a big one. My objective is to become an ordained ELCA Lutheran Minister, with a focus on specialized ministry, specifically in public safety chaplaincy services. I’m stating the process to transition from the Masters of Arts program I’ve been in at seminary and switch to the Masters of Divinity program in the fall.

Well, that’s a glimse of “So Much to Do” but there is “So Much Time” too………