Sled Dogs, Anniversaries, Berkley and A New Job.

Sometimes people get so busy they can’t keep up with themselves. Kind of like the time my brother was playing softball, rounding third , when his feet didn’t keep up with his body……..and well……you know……crash!

Well I haven’t crashed but my postings kind of did for the past couple of weeks. There has been a lot going on, my life has been cruising ahead, but my writing hasn’t quite kept up. The last time I wrote I was headed off to the races. It was a great time. Hanging out with the old sled dog gang, spending the day outside, I even got to race! Third place! Not bad for being significantly out of shape but the dogs did well. You can check out the race details and stories HERE.


Since the race, I also hit the one year anniversary of my retirement and I spent the last week at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS) as part of my seminary studies. It was 40 degrees and lots of cold rain. I know, warmer than the 30 below it was here back home but it wasn’t 70 and a sunny day at the beach either. I had two great classes: Preaching I and a workshop on Evangelism. I was amazed at the limited perspective I had on the two topics. I had a lot of biases and preconceptions about what the words meant. The classes, like much of what I learn in my studies, gave me a lot to think about and some great tools to use as this ministry evolves.

Then there was today. Today I started a new job. I put on a good shirt, nice pants, my better shoes (but not my best) and headed off to Faith Lutheran Church in Waconia. I will be working there as a Pastoral Assistant, part time, 10 hours a week. This learning experience, working in a congregational setting, is part of the process of getting ordained, which will hopefully happen in the next couple of years if all goes well. My thanks go out to the staff at Faith: Dale, Jason, Mike, Jean, Kallie, Mary and Dennis for making me feel so welcome today!

Take Care