“Sharing Stories”

Yes it has been awhile.  It has been awhile since I’ve posted a “wandering”.  (for those who don’t know what a wandering is, it is a category of my weblog posts where I let my mind wander and just write down where ever the words wander).  As I was sitting, thinking and writing today, for some reason I was inspired to write a post, a post titled “Sharing Stories”.  I started getting deep into those two words, “Sharing” and “Stories”.  Too deep and too chaotic to share in this wandering, but needless to say, I’ll be revisiting that chaos. We’ve got a Spiritual Fitness Gathering coming up next week and I was trying to decide on a topic, and “Sharing Stories” surfaced through that clutter of “too much stuff” (a quote from a song of a master storyteller, extra point if you can name the artist and the song) in my head.  All of a sudden, the term “Sharing Stories” seems to be a perfect foundation to build the outreach of this ministry upon. How does this sound?- Public Safety Ministries – Spiritual Fitness through Sharing Stories or maybe, Sharing Stories, A Path to Spiritual Fitness, hmm I like that a little better, but I think this is the beginning of something…. Well, enough wandering for now….

By the way, soon I will be sharing the story of a milepost I will soon reach in my ministry journey.  A story that has kept me from spending much time on this website, but that will all change shortly.

Take Care, Dan