Radio Life Hike… On The Air Now!

After a very long process, Radio Life Hike… Faith Conversations from the Trail… (RLH) our new podcast initiative of Public Safety Ministries, is now available from your favorite podcast provider!

Artwork “On The Trail (Fall Hikers)” is copyrighted by Rick Allen, Kenspeckle Letterpress.

As I said, getting RLH launched was quite a long process.  The three major storms that have been roaring for the past year or so (a pandemic, social unrest from every direction, and an extreme political and culture divide), had a lot to do with, what has been a two year process.  But as most of you know… I’m it! … when it comes to staff and program resources.  The storms took me off my game a bit, but the fact is, that my most intimate experience with podcasts up until two years ago, was listening to a show about how to park your camper for free, overnight in a Walmart parking lot.  Cam and I listened to all four episodes while pulling our camper to the Carolinas.  Since then, I’ve done quite a bit of research, dragged my tech guru Griff out of semi-retirement, and worked through a lot of trial and learning experiences, (ok, trial and errors). But we finally have lift-off!

(Check out Trailer Episode: Part Two “More About…  then, watch this You Tube video  and you’ll get an idea of how I felt through the launch process:-)

I hope you take the time to check out Radio Life Hike.  There are five episodes available now, (with 2-3 new, 10 minute episodes coming each week). The first four episodes are a Trailer series that was our soft opening and a wonderful learning experience for me. The fifth episode, our first Regular episode (S1/E1) starts getting into the heart of what we want to share. Our content focus is all about Exploring Life With God as we journey though our lives. So the content is what we want it to be…  but I’ve got a few kinks to work out in content presentation. Let’s just say… I’ve got some growth opportunity there:-)  But we are thrilled with the opportunity to take this hike with you, and share a few ideas about faithful living while living and working in the Police, Fire and EMS professions.

Talk to you soon! Pastor Dan