One Year Ago Today ……

One year ago today, I was ordained as a pastor of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  It was the day I became the occupant of a new office, “The Office of Pastor”.   The previous office I held was the “Office of Police Chief”.  Most people I talk with consider the transition a drastic change, but there are more similarities than differences in the two positions.

A lot has happened with Public Safety Ministries since I was ordained by Bishop Craig Johnson (pictured above) last year.  I have learned a lot as I’ve walked this ministry path, and that learning has been greatly enhanced by walking it holding the new office of Reverend.  From that vantage point I have some new authority and a new credential, but it also comes with a much greater responsibility.  There is no official “probation” period for pastors like there is for new cops, but old habits are hard to break and I consider today as the day I completed my probation. Now, after a year of holding the office, I know one thing for sure.  Public Safety Ministries is here to stay.

In coming days I’ll be sharing more of what we (yes we) have learned here at Public Safety Ministries this past year.  I am excited about what the future has in store!

I’ll leave you this morning with a picture from a recent trip I took to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area this summer.  It was my first trip to the BWCA but definitely not my last.

Take Care!