Off The Bookshelf: “Vanishing Act” by Thomas Perry

I do quite a bit of reading.  And I do quite a bit of thinking.  And I do quite a bit of talking and writing about what I’m thinking and what I’m thinking is greatly impacted by what I’m reading and… well you get the picture.  So I thought I’d share some stories about the books I read as I’m reading them.  That’s what Off The Bookshelf  references, books that are off the shelf and I’m currently reading.  (Stay tuned for On The Bookshelf)

My current read is “Vanishing Act” by Thomas Perry.

It’s a fiction/mystery series about a woman who helps people disappear from their former lives.  As I was reading today I was struck by a comment by Jane (the main character who guides people into their new lives) as she talked with the man she was helping.  “So what do you want to be when you grow up?”  A question she asks when trying to create her client’s new identity.  She then goes through a series of steps that helps her guide the person in a direction to an identity that “fits” them.

I was struck by this comment because I frequently use the same question when talking to cops who are in the retirement transition process (and it really is a significant process).  I ask myself the question almost daily as well.  So as I was reading today, I figured this is a great exercise for the spiritual health of your soul.  Ask yourself: “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” And don’t forget to spend some time answering the question (because that’s when the heavy lifting begins!)

Take Care! Pr. Dan