Not an Exercise, but Good Info

I know I’ve been reserving Thursdays for a spiritual fitness exercise, but today I want to share something I’ve learned this past week. I had heard of CaringBridge but never utilized it before this past week.

Free, personalized websites that support and connect loved ones during critical illness, treatment and recovery.

Through my seminary studies and pastoral assistant duties at Faith Lutheran in Waconia, pastoral care is an aspect of ministry that I am now experiencing. As the website says, CaringBridge is a great way to share and learn information about friends, family and loved ones “during critical illness, treatment and recovery“. It is a very valuable and efficient site to find out information that is beneficial for prayer requests, family needs, visit planning etc. It also enables those who cannot be present a way to connect with the patients and their families. The website is located at or you can click here

It is a website where you can limit access to certain people or you can give it open access. I thought I’d share a message written by a dad (on a open access site and with names removed) that is wonderful expression of a parent’s love. This is an example of the potential blessings that can result from this technology.

As I sit by his side in the wee hours, early in his sixth day of recovery, I understand that the key to his healing is to ‘find the balance.’

The balance of blood pressure and the temperature of the body, the fragile balance of pressure to the brain, the required rhythm of respiration and the harmony of medication.

Yes, my drummer boy knows the balance of sound, the rhythm of cadence and the harmony of a fine melody. But today, the nurses and doctors are playing their part to help his body learn that balance, that flowing rhythm, that synchronized harmony.

I pray for the day when everything is in concert and we can march him from the caring and able hands of the hospital, to the waiting arms of his family and friends who care so deeply for him.

He has always been energized and touched by people. One day soon he will realize that we have all been energized and touched by him!

Your caring has been overwhelming. Blessings to you all.

Take Care