New Technology for PSMInc.

Today I write this post on new technology. Literally, ON new technology. I just purchased a new computer and decided to venture into a foreign land. I bought a Mac Powerbook.

I’ve always worked on PC’s, for those of you who are IT (information technology I think it stands for) challenged there are two basic formats for computers, PC and Mac (or is it Apple?). Now people asked me as I did my research on what to buy, “are you a PC or Mac guy?” Well I’ve used PC’s and played a bit with Mac’s at the Apple Store, but in reality I’m a “hit whatever keys they tell me to” guy. I didn’t think it would be a big adjustment to switch from one format to another when I didn’t even know what a format was.

So here I sit, watching CBS Sunday morning before heading off to church, writing a post to see if I can get it on the website with this new technology. Let’s see if I can make it work!

I’ll comment in comments and let you know how it went (testing my comments skills in the process)