My Last Day With The EPPD

One of my most consistent spiritual fitness exercises is to read, reflect and pray. Since February of 2002 I have used A Guide to Prayer for All God’s People as my primary piece of spiritual exercise equipment. It was a gift from a very good friend of mine, Pastor Scott. The book is broken down into weekly sections that give a variety of short readings, some prayers and some scripture from the bible. All based on a common idea or theme.

As I sit here this morning, in the quiet, with my coffee in a favorite mug, reflecting on my past career and looking to the future, this week’s message couldn’t be more appropriate: “The Call of God”. The opening prayer:

Almighty God…..I pledge my life to your service. Speak to me of my duty and faithfulness. Show me my noble task and strengthen me to walk in it. Amen.

I truly believe that we are all called to serve in our own unique ways. I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve the Eden Prairie community for the past 25 years. I have also been blessed with the future opportunity to serve those who Protect and Serve through a spiritual fitness ministry, hopefully for the next 25 years. I ask for the strength and wisdom to do so.

Well it’s time to head off to work. I won’t be picking up my final check, it’s already in the bank by direct deposit, I checked first thing this morning (Thanks Tracey and Kathy!). My first, and really my only official responsibility today will be to stop at EP Fire Station 1 for my last Friday morning free breakfast as Police Chief. I’m sure they will miss me there. But don’t worry, next Friday will mark my first EPFD Friday morning free breakfast as the Retired Police Chief! (I’ll bring the donuts!)