My God Voice…

After writing my previous post, I was determined to sit down and write my This I Believe… statement in its entirety.  However, as I’ve learned often during my faith journey (my LifeHike), there are many times when things don’t go as planned, and this is one of those times. I realize that sometime in the future, I may have an all inclusive statement of my beliefs. But not now. So in the meantime I’ll be sharing some of my beliefs in smaller portions… like today, I’d like to share my belief in my God Voice…

The only time I’d ever heard someone use the term my God Voice, was several years ago when I was visiting with Fr. Tim (my personal chaplain).  It was during one of our conversations in the months before he (in his own words) “graduated from this life.”  I don’t recall what we were talking about, but during the conversation he simply said: “The other day when I was having some quiet time, I heard my God Voice say….”  I think the reason I don’t remember what we were talking about, was that I was a bit startled by his use of those words.  And as I later reflected on our conversation, I realized that I too, had a God Voice that sometimes talked directly to me.

I need to say that at any given moment there is a lot of noise going on in my head.  And although I hear many voices in there (and not in some mystical, or supernatural, or creepy way…), it’s just not that often that I hear the God voice I’m talking about.  But over the years there have been times when it’s been clear to me, that sometimes there is a different voice in my head. A better voice than the self talk and banter that often bangs around in there (often keeping me awake at night).  I would think of that better voice as my inner voice, my good voice, my smart voice, my intuition,  and I mostly thought of it as my gut. A voice that I could trust.  My God Voice.

And now I’d like to close by sharing something I once heard my God Voice say.  A while ago when I was pondering where I should go next with my ministry work, (and to use Fr. Tim’s words again) I heard my God Voice say: “Dan… My job is to give you the words, to give you the stories. Your job is to share them.”  It was one of the half dozen times or so, that the words I heard were so clear and so precise, that I never forgot them.  Those simple words, words that were literally embedded in my mind and in my soul, are the reason I’m writing these posts about my faith journey, and sharing them with all of you.

So what do I believe? I believe my God Voice rocks!  Especially, if and when, I take the time and make the effort to listen to it:-)

With Care, Pr. Dan