Mushing Update “Snowflake and Iditarod”

Some of you may wonder what sleddog racing has to do with spiritual fitness. For me it has a lot to do with rest. It is important to a person’s health to get enough rest. Often we rest our bodies and even our souls, but I find sleddog activities a time when I can rest my mind. It is very physical work, and it can even be a workout for the soul with the emotions of caring for the dogs and dealing with success or failure in a race. But it lets me rest my mind. It takes me away from the thoughts that often fill my mind regarding my future, the business, finances, studies, schedules, family responsibilities and all of the daily thoughts thay fill our lives. It is an important activity that rests the mind but exercises the body and soul.

So here is the update, Amy and her dogs Cobi, Owens, Orion and Goffee came in 7th in the 4 dog pro class at the Snowflake sprint race in Duluth this weekend. She had some struggles on the run Saturday due to the deep and soft snow, but had a nice clean (and fun) run on a beautiful day on Sunday’s run. It was a great father daughter weekend adventure.

For those of you who have heard of the Iditarod race in Alaska you should check out the website for the latest news on the race. Click here for the official site of the race. Once you are on the site, click on the current standings and find musher Jeff Wells. Jeff is from Fergus Falls and was a friend we raced with when he was in high school. He beat me in one of my first pro class skijor races in Cannon Falls. We bought the two dogs that ran lead for Amy this weekend, Cobi and Owens, from Jeff a couple years ago when he moved to Alaska.
Jeff Wells
Good Luck Jeff!