Make it a Spiritual Season!

I Recently  wrote a message for a department newsletter of one of the local agencies I serve, so I thought I’d share here, with you, as well!

Make it a Spiritual Season!

Well the holidays are upon us! I always look forward to the holidays and enjoy heading out into the activities of the season. There are the lights, the crowds, the music, the decorations, the food food food, the giving and receiving of gifts… and everything else that our often over commercialized holidays may bring. I’ll even confess that I occasionally enjoy a Hallmark Channel Holiday Movie of the week, no wait… of the day, no wait… of the evening, no wait… of the hour… yes, nonstop binge watchable holiday movies have been available for weeks now!

I also look forward to the religious activities of the season. I truly enjoy this time of gathering with our communities of faith. We can gather in celebration, in worship, in music, in the reading and studying the scriptures of our faiths. In fellowship with family and friends we can spend time reflecting and praying, as well as in the quiet solitude of our homes. These religious opportunities of the holidays, can also be a nonstop binge watchable experience if that is our preference.

Yes, I truly enjoy and appreciate this holiday season, commercially and religiously. But it does take an effort on my part. What I try and do is engage the holidays with a healthy spirit. In spite of the fact that commercialism and religion (as well as everything else in life) can be filled with negative perspectives, I try to look for and engage what is good in the holidays. Focus on the good, engage the good, connect to the good. Those are healthy spiritual behaviors.

So my prayer for you this holiday season is that you enjoy a healthy spirit. May it be a spirit that simply embraces and appreciates all that is good in life!

With Care, Chaplain Dan.