Living A Centered Life (well, trying anyway)

Life is good!  Life is busy.  Life is chaotic.  Life is abundant.  Life is life!  We are creatures of habit.  Our lives are so full that we get into routines and it is those routines that keep us on schedule and keep us up on our commitments.  Our routines and our schedules help us “balance” our lives.  But when we throw something new into the mix, either expected or unexpected, we lose our routine, our schedule our balance and everything seems to get out of whack.

That’s what happened when I set off for PLTS (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkley California) a couple of weeks ago.  I had the 5 day trip and travel time built into my schedule.  I’d go out there for a week, meet some people, learn some stuff, fulfill a few more requirements towards my goal of ordination……everything right on schedule and in balance.  But between the fellowship I shared with new friends and colleagues and the classroom experience, I came home overwhelmed with an abundance of spiritual action and ministry passion that threw things out of whack.  That combined with a nasty cold led to no posts, little rest, trying to do ten things at once then add a few for good measure……well……things got out of whack.  Until yesterday.

Yesterday I spoke at an adult forum at Faith Lutheran Church in Waconia MN.  I spoke on the Centered Life.  I wrote a brief post on the book The Centered Life by Jack Fortin quite a while ago.  Anyway,  as I was talking about the importance of trying to center your life rather than balance it I actually listened to myself and started today looking to my center, my source of strength and purpose….my personal faith…..a faith in something greater than self…….for me, a faith in God.

So today I have a bit more peace.  Things are still out of balance a bit, but finding your center is the first step to bringing back some routine.  Well, enough of Dan’s thought wanderings for now…… but by the way, Where do you find your center?