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In keeping with the theme from my previous post, I thought I’d share one of my favorite quotes on the subject of walking. It comes from the book Last Places by Lawrence Millman. I bought the book on the discount rack of a book outlet store, $2.98 for the hardcover. It was a good read over 20 years ago when I bought it, and to this day I think of the quote often.


The quote is regarding his latest travel adventure and his chosen mode of travel.

“… I would ship aboard any boat I could find, even if it sailed somewhat off course. Also, between a fast boat and a slow boat, I would choose a slow boat. Between a slow boat and walking, I would choose the latter, as walking makes the world the vast and savory place it used to be in times long past.”

The first sentence is a favorite regarding the course we take in life, but that’s for another message. It’s the thought that going for a walk allows us to experience the world as a “vast and savory place” that inspires me. Our pace of travel these days is so fast that we often miss the blessings this world provides… if we’d only take the time to look around.


  1. Dan W. said:

    A very good & timely reminder… I’m glad I checked in on your blog – it is fantastic to see you putting so much content out there! I appreciate the stories – they resonate with me and I can apply them to my own life…

    Dan W.

    December 15, 2013
  2. Pastor Dan Carlson said:

    Good to hear!
    Thanks for the comment.

    December 16, 2013

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