It’s Election Day!

I will admit it, I’m ready for today to be over. The most frequent comment I’ve heard regarding this year’s election is that people are tired of it. They are tired of the campaigning, the mudslinging, the negative commercials, they are just tired and want it to be over. Me too.

However, for those of us who hold leadership positions in the public safety world, once the elections end our work begins. We have to remember that we work for the people. And since we can’t answer directly to each citizen in our community we answer to their elected officials. It is our job, and a very important part of it. So our work starts when the results are in. We need to spend time with the new officials and build positive working relationships. We need to get to know them and let them get to know us. We base a lot of what we do on a positive healthy spirit of public trust. That positive spirit doesn’t just happen, you have to work at it, exercise it and feed it.

The spirit of our professional responsibilities and the spirit with which we carry them out is critical to public safety. So take some time today, some time for positive thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers for our new leaders. That they can be healthy in body, mind and spirit as they carry out their responsibilities working for the people that elected them.