Inaugural PSM CTC Prayer Gathering!

This morning we had a very nice kickoff for our first PSM (Public Safety Ministries) CTC (I’ll explain this one later!) Prayer Gathering! From today forward, we will gather monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 0630-0700 with fellowship before and after, at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Maple Grove (a stones throw from Corcoran).  All are welcome who work in public safety, have relationships with those who are in public safety, who have interests in public safety,  who have interest in those who work or have interest in public safety… in other words… all are welcome.

This event is an addition to the current gatherings Public Safety Ministries hosts each month.  I originally advertised all of our gatherings as open to all.  As these small groups developed I realized that those who attended usually had some unique characteristics that brought them together.  Since faith and public safety based conversation is the foundation of these gatherings, I came to realize that some were not for everyone.  The relationships that developed and the conversations that ensued were significantly impacted by the personal characteristics of those attending.  Their professional disciplines, agencies, work environments, work experiences, rank, geographic locations – all impacted the depth and quality of our conversations.  The result has been referrals to other groups or the the addition of new ones, like the new PSM CTC Prayer Gathering!

Since this group is not focused on conversation (in fact while in the prayer environment and the prayer leader is the only person who speaks) the addition of people from different circumstances will enhance the impact of private prayer in a group environment.  This includes people of all faith traditions as well as those with faith non-traditions.  As the gathering develops, even the leader’s speaking role will be reduced providing quite time for reflection, meditation, prayerful listening and CTC (again, I’ll explain CTC later).

So please consider joining us for what I consider to be the best form of spiritual fitness exercise available – quiet, private, personal prayer held in a group environment.  Take Care, Pastor Dan.