Happy New Year 2008!!

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and Holiday Season. I’ve taken a bit of time off from writing posts, more than I thought until I checked the date on my last post. We’ve been busy being a family of five for the past coupe of weeks now that Pete is home for his semi-annual visit from Fairbanks. We’ve had a great time doing all the family holiday stuff, the snow and cold weather has inspired me to put in some quality sled dog training miles (as well as Dan training miles to compensate for the holiday feasting). I’ve also done a lot of reflecting in anticipation of my 50th birthday next week. Stay tuned and you’ll get some of those reflections in coming posts.

I thought I’d share some numbers to those of you who have interest in who else has interest in reading my wanderings. I’ve got access to a lot of numbers about this site and visits etc. through Google Analytics. I’m not sure what all of these numbers mean, but here are a few. Feel free to comment if you have an understanding different from mine.

Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2008
3,914 visits
2,308 absolute unique visitors
7,446 page views

So, what does that mean? Well here is my perspective from looking at the numbers on a fairly regular basis. Roughly 1000 people have been return visitors to the site. But realistically, I think I have about 150 regulars that check the site on a once or twice a month schedule. I can see some patterns to when people visit and when they don’t. I don’t get a lot of comments on the site but I do get a fair amount of e-mails through contact us. My goal is to give the site a little more structure this year, but that will come after some educational, financial, operational program commitments. But I’m not going away, the feedback has been positive so I will continue writing, please continue reading!

Take Care!