“Got Winter?”

Yes, we have had our share of winter here in the Twin Cities this year.  A MetroDome collapse, roads obstructed with snow, negative digit temps over night…  Well, I got this report from my contact in Fairbanks Alaska today.  It is 40 degrees below zero, with a couple of feet of snow and that wonderful couple hours of dawn/dusk they experience each day this time of year.  Everything is relative.  But in the cold and snow and darkness of the north, whether in Excelsior MN or Fairbanks AK, it’s still a beautiful world that we live in.

Fairbanks AK, 3pm, -30 degrees (photo by Pete Carlson)

Me, I like the cold and the snow.  The darkness is something I tolerate to get the other two.  There is much to celebrate this time of year, but high on my list is that we turn the corner soon and the light starts to return.  Here”s to the Light of the season!

Take Care!