Got Any “Mates”?

An important aspect of spiritual fitness is having the opportunity to talk to someone. One of my favorite movie lines comes from the movie “Crocodile Dundee”. In the movie, Mick’s girlfriend is telling him about a friend who is much healthier now that she has a good therapist. In response to Mick’s question about the purpose of a therapist, the girlfriend explains that a therapist is someone you can talk to and share your feelings. Mick’s response “What, doesn’t she have any mates?”

Friends and “mates” are important to being healthy spiritually. I have been blessed with lots of family and friends that I can talk to. It’s also important to have “safe” people to talk to. Often that’s where professional therapists, bound by ethics and confidentiality, are good alternatives to sharing sensitive issues with a friend. You will often here me refer to “a pastor friend of mine” (from now on referred to as APFOM) who has been a friend since high school. He is my “safe” friend. He is someone I can talk with and share ideas and is honest in his feedback, and he is always confidential. He’s my “mate”.

Who is your “mate”? Who can you have a “safe” conversation with? Think about it, it’s important to your spiritual fitness.