Good Morning!

Wow, time does really fly when you are having fun.   I knew I hadn’t posted for a few days, but didn’t realize the days off were into double digits until I sat down with my coffee this morning. I am approaching the six month mark of my retirement, a self imposed benchmark as to whether or not this ministry idea was going to work.  The short answer is (and I know my short answer usually turns out to be less than short as demonstrated right here between the parentheses) YES!

My goal this coming week is to share some of the developments of the ministry, and show how it has grown and developed.  These past six months have been fairly chaotic, but in a good way.  Lots of activity, lots of opportunities, a little bit of over commitment, an adjustment of working independent without the support of a high quality organization (The EPPD), but a lot of progress.

Just this past week I appointed our first Board of Directors and we had our first board meeting.  Partnerships have been established with an established religious institution, individuals who have provided significant financial support, supporters of my pursuit of candidacy for ordination, public safety organizations and associations, and most significantly, individual public safety professionals from around the state.  “We” have truly evolved into a “we”.

So after making this post, I’m gonna take the day off from work.  I’m goining to fulfil my committment to my wife to get the homefront ready for the wedding shower she is giving for my nephews fiance.  So check in next week if you want a few more details.