Good Morning from Portland Maine!

Well I’m sure you will all be happy to know that the tire warning light hasn’t created a problem (as of yet anyway).  I think it’s just an out of balance light, it’s hard to know since there is no manual in the car. Anyway…..

We had a great day yesterday!  It is amazing how visiting a place can change your perspective of a school.  You look at schools on-line, in brochures, talk to people, see pictures and you think you have a pretty good perspective on what you will see.  Looking back (you know that hindsight thing) and I can see we were looking at things we wanted to see, not necessarily how they actually were.  Hmm, maybe a lesson on life and spiritual fitness here?

Well we learned a lot, fell in love with one of the schools, not so much the other, but both great in their own right.  Met some good people, experienced the New England we remember from many visits here in the past, a very good day of learning and experiences.

Today we head north to Waterville to visit Colby College.  Looks like a great school but unless there is a financial aid package of substance, really out of our league financially.  But we want more perspective, and if today is anything like yesterday we should get some.

Gotta run, I mean drive,

Take Care.