Good Morning From Dover New Hampshire!

It’s a beautiful morning in Dover NH, a bit chilly and brisk, but sunny and fresh. Dover is just a short distance from Durham, home of the University of New Hampshire Wildcats. After our college visit expedition, we head home today, UNH is now on the top of Amy’s list. So yesterday we decided to stop here on our trek back to Boston just to spend some more time walking the campus and exploring the area.

I have been a fan of New England for many years. It started back in the 80’s (does that make me sound old)?) when we came out to visit my wife’s sister who lived out east for awhile. Then we came out here on our camping expeditions for many years to visit other friends who live here. I’ve often said, “If I couldn’t live in Minnesota, I’d live in New England”. So I’m excited that Amy is interested in venturing out here for college.

Now the bad news, selfishly, I’m not so interested in sending my oldest daughter so far away to school. With some rough math, that’s almost 5000 miles away from her brother Pete living and going to school in Fairbanks AK. Sometimes I wonder if we did something wrong that has caused our kids to want to go so far away. But I know in my heart that we did something right, something that has let our kids seek adventure in places away from the safety and comfort of home. There is a great line in the book “Alaska” by Michner, it says something like “Adventure and a safe haven, that’s a good mix.” We’ve tried to live by that motto, and maybe it has rubbed off on the kids. I know that they know, our haven, The Carlson home, on .82 acres, in Shorewood MN, next to Mike’s 2.5 acre pumpkin patch and sled dog training track, will be a haven the can always come home to.

Well it’s time to get going. We are off to Logan Airport to drop off the rental car, check our bags, then spend a few hours in downtown Boston before flying hom tonight. It has been a great adventure, but I am looking forward to returning to the haven. And no matter where Amy goes. I know that she will feel the same until she finds her own haven.

Take Care.