God Time… outside… if you can

I heard a new term today.  It’s not the words that are new, it’s the context in how they were shared.  I heard it on a morning news show that my wife was watching as we sheltered at home, but one that I wasn’t actively watching.  I like keeping informed on everything that’s going on.  But the quantity and volume of noise I hear on the news these days is so exhausting, that I often switch from active listening to passive listening, just to ease my mind.  But the passive listening turned very active when I heard two simple words… God Time. 

The words came from a new father (a network employee) who was sharing a story about the birth of his child, just born in a New York hospital.  He talked about how the challenges of experiencing birth were enhanced by the challenging circumstances surrounding many of our nation’s health care systems and facilities. It was good to hear that all went well with the birth, and that their health care system provided wonderful and professional care. Then he added that the physical distancing and shelter at home orders actually have given the family more opportunities to schedule quality time at home…  even giving them some quality God Time.

A bit surprised at the words, I asked my wife if I heard that right.  She replied yes, saying that she has heard the term used by other tv personalities when they share their new, now very scheduled, daily routines.  They talk about their scheduled God Time.  There are several directions I can go with my perspective on this story, some good… and some not so good.  So as I consider which direction to go, my gut tells me this is a good time to keep on the same path I’ve been trying to travel with these messages.  To continue telling small stories, telling stories that nourish and cleanse the soul… small, healthy stories of life.

That being said, I believe it is wonderful to hear these two simple words, shared publicly, in such a casual and matter of fact way. I don’t know if  “Yeah, we got some good God Time in today” will be said as frequently as “Hey! Did you wash your hands?” But I really like hearing it said.  Good stuff in my book! Oh and also, when you can, spend that God Time outside.  Good stuff as well:-)

With Care, Chaplain Dan