Go Have Some Fun!

A friend of mine is recovering from cancer.  In the scheme of things, it wasn’t the worst cancer you can get, the chances of recovery are very good.  However treatment has been very involved with surgery, chemo and radiation.  There have been side effects, some set backs, eating issues etc.  But he is on the path to full recovery and that is very good news.  On a recent visit to the doctor he continued to hear good news, but also news that the recovery will still take many months and the work is not done.  The Doc also added a prescription that needed immediate attention: “Go have some fun!”

We work hard in life.  We work hard at our jobs, at our health, at our relationships, at our finances, at our homes, at our learning, at our faith… but how hard do we work at our “fun?”  And if we are working at having fun, does that take the fun out of it? Last week I heeded the doc’s advice when we had the whole family at the cabin for the day.   The kids were wake-boarding (in the cold and rain) and it looked like fun.  So I took a shot at water-skiing.   It’s been many years since I’ve skied, and I often plan on getting in shape to take it up again, planned to have fun, but never did.  So I just did it, and it was fun!  (It wasn’t pretty, but that made it more fun for the kids. Fun can be infectious)

So I am with the Doc here, go have some fun.  Don’t spend a lot of time working at it, don’t over plan it and over think it, just go do it… have some fun.Cabin

The Scene of the Fun

Take Care!