From the Strib – “Want a career with more of a purpose?”

I’m always on the lookout for articles and stories about career changes and transitions. I also look for things to read that cover the idea of pursuing jobs and careers with meaning and purpose. Today the Strib had one that covered both: Want a career with more of a purpose? You’re not alone. It tells the stories of several people, people who get together with an organization called “Shift”. It provides an opportunity for people to share stories and resources as they look at their lives, their jobs, what they do and what they want to do.

Several stories are about people who felt the need to move to jobs with purpose. A woman switched from a career as a fund raiser to environmental writer, work that she says “feeds her soul”. The story that has the most relevance to Public Safety Ministries is the man who sold his company and became a full time firefighter. The public safety professions, for the right people, are full of fuel for the soul and purpose.

But where do those of us in the professions go when we are due for change. As I talk to cops and firefighters who are nearing retirement age, usually in their early to mid 50’s, all are focused on what they will do next. Everyone realizes they need to do something, but their dilemma is they are leaving a fulfilling purposeful career. How do they replace that spiritual fulfillment they have live with for years? Do they want to replace it? Can they be happy if they don’t replace it?

One of the projects I am most excited about in my new career is my participation in the upcoming “SMPSTF Retirement Academy”. In February the South Metro Public Safety Training Facility is hosting the 1st (hopefully annual) Retirement Academy. Its purpose is to simply help cops plan and prepare for retirement. But plan for it physically, intellectually and spiritually. Five weeks, one night a week for about 3 hours a night. We will discuss a variety of topics with a variety of speakers including a panel of retirees that will share their experiences.

Check out the Strib article and give some thought this week to what you would do if you were in a position of career transition.