Friday Morning at EPFD Station 1

One of the things that I am dealing with through my career change transition is establishing a routine. In the old job much of my routine was imposed by someone else. Now my routine is essentially whatever I want it to be. I miss a lot of my old routine, and a lot of it I don’t miss. The camaraderie / fellowship with co-workers is something I miss. It’s nice to know that there are some things in life you can count on and as I establish my new routines, Friday mornings at Station 1 is going to be regularly on the schedule.


It is a day when EPFD staff cook a breakfast where even old retired police chiefs are welcome. Rituals, routines, fellowship and relationships are important parts of living a spiritually fit life. Thanks EPFD for providing me with this spiritual fitness exercise opportunity!


Firefighters Lee and Kim cooking the feast.


Chief Esbensen supervising (but know that I did catch him doing dishes after the meal)


The retired cop’s contribution ( yeah I know I’m perpetuating the stereotype, but I really do like donuts!)