First Snow 2008!

I always get excited with the first snow of the year.  I love winter, I love the Christmas holiday season, dog-sledding and everything that comes with it.  Today was our first snow of the year, and unlike the previous post from Fairbanks, this snow will probably be gone by tomorrow.  Which is OK with me since I still have a few outdoor chores to accomplish.

Last year I think I posted my first snow message with pictures from the dog yard.  This year I bring you a snow shot from Faith Lutheran Church in Waconia.  It is the place where I serve as Pastoral Assistant / Intern Pastor.  It has been, and continues to be, a great place for me to go and get experience in parish ministry.  I never thought I’d be looking at parish ministry as part of my ministerial career, my intentions were for specialized ministry and mission ministry in the world of public safety chaplaincy.  But after having a couple years of experiences in both environments, I’m pretty sure my future ministry identity will involve parish and specialized / chaplaincy ministry.  I’m still a little over a year away from ELCA ordination, but it is fun to see my future developing some definition.

There are two building that make up the Faith campus, my office is in the South building:

The flag on the hydrant points to my office.

My view from my office looks at the North Building which houses the sanctuary and the other offices:

So, here’s to our FIrst Snow 2008!  Let it be a great winter in Minnesota!

Take Care