Don’t Think So Hard!

As I sit down to write today I am overwhelmed with the abundance in my life.  Most of that abundance consists of the “good stuff”.  But included in the abundance is the clutter of the “not so good stuff” and if I am honest with myself there is some “bad stuff” there too.  Sorting through this abundance is not an easy task for me.  I tend to look pretty deep into whatever it is I happen to be thinking about.  So as I sit here with a small case of “analysis paralysis” I am reminded of some of the best advice I was ever given: “Don’t Think So Hard”.  This advice didn’t come as a gentle suggestion, but more as a tactical strike to snap me out of over thinking a fairly simple task.  Of course I recall my response was very gracious and appreciative “Well someone has to do the thinking around here!”  But after the strike and counter-strike I heeded the sound advice and just moved on to accomplish the task at hand.  I give thanks daily for the blessing of a family that keeps me in line.

Well my simple task today is to write a post and share some information.  If you check out our website you’ll see there are a couple of updated pages.  No longer am I a “retired chief  pursuing ordination”, now I’m Pastor Dan Carlson of Public Safety Ministries.  My ordination came on August 15, 2010 at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Excelsior Minnesota.  It culminated a fairly lengthy process of theological studies and administrative process. Almost eight years to the day from registration for my first seminary class back in August of 2002.  I have now been “called” as an ordained minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and “deployed” as a mission pastor to Public Safety Ministries.

So what does that mean?  Here’s where the “Don’t Think So Hard” really helps. It means I’m doing pretty much the same things I’ve been doing for a long time, just with a little more focus, a little more wisdom and a lot less “theological study and administrative process”.  Which gives me more time to try and “Serve Those Who Protect”.  I’m looking forward to returning to a more regular rhythm of sharing “the good stuff” here on the weblog.  Talk to ya again soon!

Take Care, Dan

PS.  Here is a photo of a campsite in MN.  I spent a couple days here this fall doing some ministry visits.  Can you name where it it is?

camp photo


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    Dan, this looks like the Baptism River campground up on the North Shore.

    November 4, 2010
  2. Dan Carlson said:

    Close Griff, but no cigars. You are off by about a mile south. Temperance River Campground, site #4. But you win an abundance of my appreciation for playing “Name That Campground”!

    November 4, 2010

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