Comments Are On!(and some are coming in)

A couple of weeks ago we turned on the “comments” option at the bottom of the posts. For those of us that are learning as we go in the weblogging world, (what you are reading is actually is a weblog, aka “blog” for those of you that didn’t know) we have to learn about the different functions and protocols, customs and benefits of reading and responding to weblogs.

The comments function is an important tool for building an informative and interesting interactive website. This past week I received a few (three actually) comments on my posts. I will respond to some of the comments with an additional comment, some comments need no response, hopefully some comments will stimulate a comment or two from other readers and sometimes I will respond to the comment in a new post. For instance, today I added comments to my posts from 2/23 and 2/14. I intend to write an additional post regarding comments on the 2/21 post.

So if you are new to the weblogging world, check out the comments function of current and previous posts. You click on the word “comments” and you can read what some other people have to say or say something yourself.