CLEO Academy – Day 3 (stand by)

If you are looking for details of Day 3 activities you’ll have to stand by for a day or two.  I’m not at Camp Ripley today because I came back to the cities to attend a couple other commitments (A LEMA Board Meeting and the annual HCCPA Retiree Luncheon).  The best I can do for an update is to share the Day 3 Schedule: Human Resources, Data Practices, Why Chiefs Get Fired, Budgeting and Media Relations.  A very full day.  I’ll be back on the trail tomorrow to Morrison County for the last two days of the academy (and you’ll get the latest on snow conditions in central Minnesota).


NOTE: I had some technical difficulties with a photo in yesterday’s blog post.  The picture of the CLEO Academy welcome sign displayed sideways in the mobile device and the email versions of the post.  But the photo was correct in the computer website display version.  So I am reposting the photo here, not because it is important, but because I’m trying to figure out what went wrong.  If this is information you find unnecessary, don’t waste your time reading this note…oooops… too late!