Benchmarks, Milestones, Anniversaries, Birthdays — Time Passing

Yes, today marks several of the above. 25 years ago today, Camilla and I got married on a snowy Sunday night at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Excelsior Minnesota. We spent most of today together, morning coffee at Dunn Brothers in Excelsior, some Christmas prep chores, a movie at EP Center, then the highlight of the day; dinner with all three kids at the EP Outback. They even threw in a free dessert for the anniversary. Pete flew in from Fairbanks last night so we all shared the “Bloomin’ Onion”.

A lot has happenend in the past 25 years (bear with me here, a person tends to reminice on days like this), and many milestones were reached this past year. 25 years of marriage, Pete turned 21, Amy turned 18, retirement from 25 years at EPPD, and if you stretch the year 12 days into 2008 we hit my 50th birthday. Whoa! This is starting to sound a lot like a “typical” Christmas letter. and I don’t write typical Christmas letters…….I write “unique” Christmas letters!

Anyway, today was our silver wedding anniversary. And we spent it in the the most spiritual way we know, simply together, sharing it with our kids. It’s been a great run, complete with all of the love, fear, joy, sorrow, pleasure, pain, happiness, and so on that comes along with committed relationships. The time hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been good.

So here’s to you Cam, my wife, my love and most of all my best friend! Let’s say we go for another 25!

Take Care