An Updated “About….Public Safety Ministries, Inc.”

As the ministry has grown and evolved, so has the mission, vision and strategies associated with PSMInc. The following is the new version of “About…” located to the left of this post.

Our Mission:
Promoting Spiritual Fitness in the Public Safety Professions.

Our Vision:
To provide public safety leaders with the spiritual care and support resources they need for personal spiritual fitness development. In turn, those leaders will possess the resources needed to promote and support the spiritual fitness of their employees and organizations. The end result will be organizations with spiritually fit employees providing quality public safety services to our communities.

Our Strategy:
We will actively and professionally engage public safety professionals and organizations through a traditional chaplaincy ministry of presence, service and relationships. We will provide spiritual care and support services, including referral resources, to the public safety community in times of need as well as in times of calm. We will be present as they gather to accomplish their critical responsibilities and we will work to provide opportunities to gather for spiritual fitness growth and development.

Our Ministry Outreach Projects:

Chaplain Care and Support Services:
– Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, Appointed Chaplain
– Hennepin County Chiefs of Police Association, Appointed Chaplain
– Public Safety Ministries Inc. Website
Service Projects:
– Military Reintegration, Training and Support
– Police Officer Retirement Planning, Training and Support
– Public Safety Chaplain Services in Minnesota, Resource Coordination