An Office “On The Road”

After the well guy came to install my new pressure tank this morning, I figured I’d drive up to my folks cabin and cut the lawn since no one has been there for a couple of weeks. It is on Lake Sullivan, just west of Onamia Minnesota. It’s about a 2 hour drive so I planned on heading up, mowing the lawn, and driving back to be home in time for the families evening activities (even though Cam said there was no hurry to get home since there wasn’t anything big on the family schedule).

After I finished mowing, I decided to sit on the deck and read for awhile. Then, I made the 2 mile trek to “Gross Store” for a frozen Heggies pizza for lunch. Then I sat on the deck and read for awhile again. Then I wondered if by chance my wireless worked up here. Signals usually are not good here for some reason, and I usually avoided connecting up here when I was with the EPPD, but now things are different and …… well here I am!

So I’ve checked my e-mails, connected with a few people, worked on a project and now I’m writing this post. Here is my office for today, my favorite spot to sit at the cabin:


and here is my panoramic view:


My career transition has been great, but it has been hard. I’ve made several posts lately that describe my days and the variety of wonderful locations I’ve had the opportunity to office in. The stories come off very relaxing as intended, but I have to work really hard to appreciate them and take the time to enjoy them. I don’t think I am unique in the fact that I am drawn to activity and getting things done and creating things that need to be done. Today I had to force myself to stay up here and not run home to work and studies and activities. It’s only a difference of a couple of hours, but sitting here and being in the moment has been good. I am slowing down, but it is work not to revert to the demanding pace I’d grown used to.

So, a spiritual exercise for us all (again), take some time, slow down and enjoy where you are.